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Defending the earth from alien invasion isn’t really something we can imagine doing in real life (unless we’re Ellen Ripley), so when Firaxis Games announced in March that strategy giant XCOM: Enemy Unknown was coming to iPad, many avid gamers wondered how the company could fit such an epically complex game onto such a tiny screen. XCOM was rated one of the best, but most difficult games of 2012, and sees the player assuming the role of the commander of XCOM, and engaging in a war against an extra-terrestrial enemy.

The game launched last night, and has managed to convert all the controls to work with the touch interface seamlessly with the only downside seeming to be that the visuals are somewhat compromised which is to be expected when you downsize a PC game to just 3.2 gigs.

The game is available for download now on the AppStore and will cost you $20.

Images courtesy of 2K Games

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