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Weekly updates

YG had an amazing 2014. His album My Krazy Life delineated the anti-allegory of coming up in Compton, the most lauded but also most dour location to flourish as a rapper. The album saw him arrive into the rap blogosphere’s conscious fully formed and reckon-able, With MKL being described by one writer as “what may very well be looked back as a canonical West Coast hip-hop album.” A couple of months ago he double-cupped his yearly releases with the EP Blame It On The Streets and then showed creative depth by co-writing and directing a short film of the same name that animated his lyrics. 

Now, since he’s good buds RVCA founder PM Tenore, he’s teamed up with the brand with a nine piece collection of tee-shirts, hoodies, flannels, jackets, and chinos that are a continuation of his favourite theme – Compton. All of them flaunt Compton red in some capacity and the lookbook for the collection was shot at the iconic Venice Beach skatepark. The collection is just as he says in ‘2015 Flow’ – “Cortez, long socks, I been on some cholo shit”.


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