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1300’s Essential Foreign Language Films

Celebrating the release of their debut mixtape 'Foreign Language', Sydney crew 1300 dish out some picks of their favourite international movies.

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1300 have absolutely crushed their first year in the game — since their debut release ‘Brr‘ back in early 2021, the Korean-Australian group of five have gone from strength to strength, dropping a string of singles and constantly outdoing themselves with wild music videos (see ‘Old Boy‘) and high-energy live shows. Having just released their debut mixtape ‘Foreign Language’, we caught up with one of the Acclaim All-Star winning groups’ producers and resident movie buff Nerdie to get 1300s picks of the most essential foreign language films.

Check out the list below, follow 1300 here and stream ‘Foreign Language’ now.

01. New World (2013)

A modern Korean gangster film, so much fun and extremely cool. Some real iconic moments in this.

02. Blue Spring (2001)

A Japanese teen angst flick with an incredible punk soundtrack. High school melancholia at its finest.

03. The Host (2006)

A little bit corny but nonetheless a culturally significant Korean film we all grew up watching. Directed by Bong Joon-Ho.

04. Climax (2018)

Insane journey through hell, but so much fun. The opening dance sequence is one of the best things I’ve ever seen. Our music video for Smashmouth is based off this film.

05. Microhabitat (2017)

Wistful and quiet, gives you a warm feeling inside and many emotions. Really draws you in and lets you experience life through ‘Miso’ in the cold, hard place that is Seoul city.

06. Police Story (1985)

Jackie Chan doing what he does best. Being an absolute G.