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New music from Lisi, Prettyboy D-O, Princess Nokia, Giveon and more!

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Weekly updates

Welcome to Acclaim Magazine’s Heat of the Week. Here are our picks for the best new local and international releases — Follow our playlist here for weekly updates of the best new music!

01. Big Skeez & Gold Fang - Where Yuh From

‘Where Yuh From’ is a melting pot of style, resulting in a party-ready anthem. Elements of hip-hop, dancehall, and afrobeat are polymerised in production from Korky Buchek and Swick, who fill the space with rattling percussion, puncturing synth stabs, and bellowing 808s. Big Skeez and Gold Fang are as smooth as ever over the top, dropping bars with a swagger-filled cadence as if it was an easy task.

02. PrettyBoy D-O ft. IAMDDB - Falling

‘Falling’ is a function-ready anthem that displays the futuristic vision of Alte. Warm, lo-fi synths, snapping snares, and roaring 808s make up the production, as PrettyBoy D-O and IAMDDB effortlessly fill the space with catchy flows. Add this one to your end-of-the-roadmap playlist.

03. Princess Nokia - Yung Baby Tate - Boys are from Mars

‘Boys are from Mars’ is another taste of the witty rap we’ve come to love Princess Nokia for. She and Yung Baby Tate come for the heads of toxic masculinity in this anthem, which features Tate’s signature confident bars and Nokia switching between her New-York attitude and throwback, R&B melodies. It’s fun, funny, and bound to get stuck in your head.

04. Sahxl - My Mind

Sydney prospect Sahxl revels in the lowkey R&B sounds of ‘My Mind’. The production is rich in the tones of blue, with its down-tuned vocal samples, slow-moving drum patterns, and melancholic synths complimenting the warbles of Sahxl’s melodies. This is that late-night, empty highway driving music. 

05. Lisi - Til The Death

‘Til The Death’ showcases Lisi not only as a rapper, but as a storyteller. Over a vibrant instrumental laced with guitar plucks, the Goodna prospect narrates the highs and lows he’s faced with a friend in a sentimental manner that intricately highlights the struggles of the areas. His baritone delivery still provides the catchiness of a typical Lisi banger, but ‘Til The Death’ adds another layer to his revealing lyricism and artistry.

06. Chandler Jewels - Fine Art

‘Fine Art’ is a dose of woozy trap, garnished with a sense of luxury from newcomer Chandler Jewels. The young artist/producer arranges an orchestra of eerie reverberated synths to enhance his poignant autotuned melodies and flow switches, with each transition hitting as hard as the hi-hat patterns and subwoofer-ready 808s. This NSW prospect is one to watch without a doubt.

07. Giveon - For Tonight

‘For Tonight’ is an arena-ready ballad, enlarged by the grandeur of piano chords and pounding kicks. Giveon croons about enjoying the good moments of love even if it has ended, with the emotion elevated by the unique cadence of his voice. With radio-ready catchiness, this song may be the catalyst in Giveon’s mainstream takeover.

08. Mo Muse - Between The Lines

You can try and read ‘Between The Lines’, but the lines themselves in this track are KO-punches. New Zealand rapper Mo Muse drops a collection of intricate rhyme scenes and fast-flows that put his rapping ability on the forefront, with key flurries and thumping sub-bass in the background propelling his bars beyond the flock. It’s fast, it’s fiery, and it’s music you must bump in the whip. 

09. Rory Noble - High Again

‘High Again’ is a great example of Rory Noble’s multi-faceted artistry. It’s a euphoric pop track that pairs somber guitar strumming with the driving force of four-to-floor kicks and rustling shakers. Rory’s vocals float in the density of these sounds, sounding isolated, yet incredibly impactful.

010. YAAK x Z Lewis - 10Merits

Melbourne-based producer YAAK provides a high-octane backdrop for the Hackney-born spitter Z.Lewis on ‘10Merits’, a barrage of bars with a hard-hitting beat. It blurs the lines of grime and electronic music, with YAAK crafting atmospheric soundscapes that lead into a bass-heavy drop; an ideal summit of energy for when we return to the outside. Lewis is in top form over the instrumental, weaving in wordplay and fiery triplet-flows in an undeniably impressive frenzy.