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Aussie rapper Matt Colwell, AKA 360, made his controversial debut on Q&A last night, coming forward with the statement that he identifies the Australian flag with racism. “On Australia Day, you see a bunch of dudes walking around with their tops off, and they’re getting on the drink… they’ve got an Australian flag wrapped around their neck. I’ve seen it so many times. I’ve been in a taxi where we’ve pulled up because these dickheads have been walking across the road, and they just start yelling at the taxi driver like ‘get out of the country, this is not your country’… and they’re wearing Australian flags”.

A controversial comment like this doesn’t come with public backlash, with “an influx of Aussie pride fellas” being sure to fight back against the statement, with one comment simply commanding 360 to “stick to music cunt”.

In an attempt to ease the arguing, the rapper tweeted “And again, if ur not racist – I wasn’t talking about you”.

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