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3AW drive time presenter / tabloid journalism merchant / professional opinon-haver Tom Elliott has found himself in a little bit of an embarrassing situation. After penning an opinion column for The Herald Sun criticising Australian rapper Matt Colwell, AKA 360, for the now infamous comments he made about associating the Australian flag with racism, he invited the musician on air to defend himself and his opinions.

The only problem was, the person that Elliott was interviewing wasn’t 360 at all – and the real 360 was filming himself listening to the live interview. The impostor manages to hold down the interview for a few minutes, before it quickly comes unstuck. When the fake ’60 poses the question “If your right and I’m wrong, then why was I inducted into the illuminati and you weren’t?” is about where it all starts to fall apart.

Now this would all be a little bit of a juvenile prank, if it weren’t for the fact that Elliott had previously made the same mistake of interviewing someone who wasn’t who they claimed to be. Back in August he came under heavy criticism for claiming to interview an ISIS fighter by the name of Omar al-Shishani, who in fact turned out to be a Kurdish man living in Scandinavia.

Elliott terminates the interview, but not before the impostor is able to make a few choice observations about media practices. After the whole thing went down, 360 took to twitter to rub things in a little.