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3K’s Guide to the Melbourne Music Scene

The Melbourne rap crew give highlight some of the best upcoming talent in their city.

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Weekly updates

Rap group 3K was formed back in 2017 by Melbourne friends Moey, Eissa, Beluga, and Benny Lago with an aim to represent Melbourne’s postcode as a growth corridor for Hip Hop music. Made up from vocalists Beluga, Eissa and rapper/producer Benny Lago, each boasts distinct flows and delivery while DJ and manager Moey holds it down on the business end.

Having built a reputation for some of the wildest live shows in Melbourne’s music scene over the past 3 years, we’ve seen 3K drop their debut EP Don’t Panic, a collaborative project alongside Agung Mango in 2019 titled OPENFORBUSINESS, and a string of hype singles including the Hamley-produced ‘Bring a Friend’ and most recently ‘Swipe’. In the few short years since 3K burst onto the scene, they have been able to watch their supporters grow cult-like.

The Melbourne hip hop group is a part of an exciting new Newsroom & Creative Hub launched by adidas in support of their local Australian FW21 Forum Campaign featuring Australian artists and Gen Z faces like Mia Rodriguez and Genesis Owusu.
In support of the campaign, adidas have also unveiled this first of its kind creative hub that will pop-up at True East in Melbourne for a handpicked team of Australian Gen Z creators offering an open space for them to co-create and collaborate, being guided by established mentors that will kick off in the coming weeks.
Follow 3K here for more, stay up to date with the adidas creative hub here and check out 3K’s picks from the Melbourne music scene below.

01. Agung Mango

In terms of music, we feel like Mango is always coming up with new inspiring ideas. In our music journey he is like a ‘childhood best friend’ in this. The way he has captured the Melbourne Jazz scene and crossed over with his rap ability and general music prowess is leaps and bounds ahead of others in our opinion. We have been working on some exciting new stuff with Mango and we are super keen to share with you.

02. Boy Ace

We feel like his ability to effortlessly glide between Trap and R&B is reminiscent of a golden age in music. Ace captures the vibe of a new generation coming up in Melbourne. He is super catchy with his hooks and has a lot of melody in his raps. We are super excited for you guys to see what he has in store.

03. Pania

We remember seeing Pania perform for the first time 2-3 years ago and we were instantly mesmerised by her cadence and voice. She did a cover of The Weeknd – Wicked games and the way she seamlessly captivated the crowd with her voice was amazing to see. Her experimental style and the sounds she works with are super dope. We’re super keen to work with her at the upcoming Adidas newsroom.

04. Manny Mula

We love Manny because he is a very charismatic person, and this translates heavily in his music. Manny is versatile in his Rap approach and always brings something lively in our sessions with him. His stage presence is unmatched in Melbourne. We draw a lot of parallels between his approach and ours.

05. CD

With a dreamy R&B and Soul influenced sound. CD is one of our close friends and musical collaborators. Her voice is angelic and the pride she takes in her art is contagious.  It’s been amazing watching her development and the way she navigates through her vocal range. Keep your eyes peeled for new CD!