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64 Questions: Masked Wolf

Red Bull wraps up their sixth season of 64 Bars with a new episode featuring Masked Wolf. We caught up with the Sydney-born rapper to ask 64 rapid fire questions.

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With Red Bull Australia connecting with some of the most promising spitters in the country on their infamous 64 Bars freestyle series, we’re diving deep and getting to know the rappers behind the bars even better — Myspace quiz-style! Finishing up for season 6 is Sydney-born, global star Masked Wolf.

Following his 64 Bars video, we’re going to find out what Masked Wolf likes/dislikes, his favourite video games and who would direct his biopic.

  1. Last thing you drank? Vitamin Water
  2. Last person you spoke to on the phone? My Mum
  3. Last song you listened to? Trippie Redd – Miss The Rage
  4. Do you have any pets? Yes, I have 2 cats
  5. What time did you wake up today? 10am
  6. Aside from your artist name, did you have any other nicknames growing up? Haz, Hazza, Ziggy, Wolfie, Wolf
  7. Who is your celebrity crush? Ana De Armas
  8. What sports did you play as a kid? Basketball, soccer, tennis, rugby league, rugby union,
  9. Do you type fast? Yes
  10. What are your plans for this weekend? I’ll be in Amsterdam for Twitch con weekend
  11.  What are you craving right now? To get back to Australia tbh
  12. Did you have a dream last night? Yes but I can’t remember what it was
  13. All time favourite Video Game/Series? Video game: Dota
  14. Do you watch the news? Never
  15. What makes you happy? Succeeding
  16. Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with? My girlfriend
  17. Have you ever broken a bone? Never
  18. Do you ever go down a Youtube rabbit hole? What are some things you look at? I like watching interrogation videos of criminals
  19. Do you remember the first concert you went to? 50 cent when I was 19
  20. Did you ever have your wisdom teeth taken out? Yes and it was painful
  21. Have you ever met someone famous and felt star-struck? Never
  22. What’s the best thing you have ever found on the ground? Money
  23. Sci-Fi or Fantasy? Fantasy
  24. What’s your favourite scent? Creed
  25. Do you hoard stuff or get rid of it? Hoard
  26. What is your most prized possession? My home
  27. How many countries have you been to and which ones? Too many to name but my favourites were Egypt and Greece
  28. Where would you like to travel that you haven’t been? Iceland and Japan
  29. What was your favourite TV show when you were a kid? The Simpsons
  30. What is your favourite spot to eat at lately and what’s your go-to order? There is a really good gyros place in Croatia
  31. Do you eat breakfast every morning? Yes
  32. What are your favourite sneakers of all time? Air force ones
  33. How many pairs of shoes do you currently own? About 10-15
  34. What is one food that you used to hate but now you love? Tomato
  35. Do you have any weird phobias? No actually, just heights and spiders
  36. What gets you mad? People who talk to loud on phones and people who chomp too much when they eat
  37. What’s your weirdest habit? Biting my nails
  38. Favourite rapper in Australia right now? Chillinit
  39. Favourite producer you’ve worked with? Tyron Hapi
  40. Three international artists on your rotation lately? Juice Wrld, Kid Laroi, Kendrick Lamar
  41. Top 5 favourite rappers of all time? 1. Eminem 2. Tupac 3. Kendrick Lamar 4. Biggie 5. 50 Cent
  42. Favourite producer of all time? Nick Mira
  43. What’s one artist you listen to that people wouldn’t expect? Doja Cat
  44. If they made a movie about your life, who would you want to direct it? Christopher Nolan
  45. And who would play you? Nadeshot
  46. What’s one of your favourite lyrics you’ve written? They say practice makes perfect but aren’t you perfect if you always practice
  47. What about from someone else? Name a bar that you’ll never forget. I see no changes when I wake up in the morning I ask myself is life worth living should I blast myself — Tupac
  48. What is one fashion trend you can’t stand? Crocs :)
  49. What’s your favourite animal? Penguin
  50. What is one account everyone should follow on social media? RSPCA
  51. What’s a TV show you’ve binged in the last year or two? Game of Thrones :)
  52. What’s your favourite snack? Gummy bears
  53. Favourite Pixar movie? Toy Story
  54. Who is the GOAT superhero? Batman
  55. Favourite album cover? Get Rich or Die Trying – 50 Cent
  56. Do you like rollercoasters? No
  57. Favourite professional athlete? Tim Duncan
  58. Favourite childhood memory? Going to Wet n Wild for the first time 
  59. Mullets or Rats Tails? Neither
  60. One thing you can’t live without? Gaming
  61. Summer or Winter? Summer
  62. Drake or Kanye? Kanye
  63. Drill or Trap? Trap
  64. Lyrics or Flow? LyricsFollow Masked Wolf here for more and check out his 64 Bars freestyle above.

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