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Weekly updates

Stones Throw, and one of the whitest group of people to do Hip-Hop since you and your mates saw 8 Mile, Jonwayne, have been kind enough to put out a free mixtape for you and yours. Now for those unfamiliar with Mr Wayne, don’t fret the skin colour. Most will agree the lack of melanin and Hip-Hop music usually don’t mix too well. Jonwayne is a great exception to this rule, the man is as talented as he is white and has been getting a lot of love lately, and rightfully so! His rhymes and beats have matured like a good cheese, which he probably eats quite a lot of (I kid, I kid!)

The track below was selected because Jonwayne sits on this Kutmah beat so nicely. I could picture Biggie or Quas coming in at any moment on this one. Don’t let the laughable artwork fool you, if Stones Throw’s co-sign isn’t enough, take it from me, this is well worth the listen!

You can download This is False via Stones Throw for FREE