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A sartorial guide to packing for a camping festival with Paradise Music’s headliners

Just because you're sleeping in a tent for three days, doesn't mean you can't look fresh af

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Weekly updates

If you know what’s good for you, this time next month you’ll be vibing out to some quality Australian live music in the picturesque surrounds of Lake Mountain Alpine Resort. Yes, the brilliant Paradise Music Festival is almost here and if you haven’t booked your tickets yet, we need to have a serious chat.

Boasting the likes of Gold Class, Harvey Sutherland, Baro, and Pearls, the festival is (once again) stacked with amazing local talent. And if you’ve ever experienced the three-day event (even vicariously through us), you’ll know that it’s also one of the best looking camping festivals you could go to. Paradise features some legit luxe accommodation and entertainment precincts, luring many a self-confessed ‘high maintenance’ music fan out into the middle of nowhere for three days.

In honour of the truly boutique nature of Paradise, we tapped a few of this year’s artists for their Top 3 things to pack for such an event. An interesting and stylistically diverse bunch, Fortunes, SAL, Lossless, Infinity Blade, friendships, and Moon Holiday all let us into their festival duffle bags (or roller cases) and offered up some valuable insight into how to protect your extremities and personal brand.

Tickets are available here and the good people at Paradise are offering a generous $100 discount on group bookings.

01. Conor from Fortunes

1. Bob Marley jacket

2. Some sick ass sunglasses that I don’t really care about

3. A good hat to protect my ballhead

02. Lossless

(At least)

1. 20 pairs of  novelty basketball & Pokémon socks

2. My cherished and slowly disintegrating Malibu 1992 chain

3. Shirts and pants by Angie Pai

03. Infinity Blade

When it comes to camping, I am definitely not in my element. I have a 45-minute makeup routine (on a good day) so I topple like Jenga at the thought of packing for a festival. BUT over the years I have learned that without:

1. Up&Go,

2. a torch and

3. lipstick

I am nothing. I suggest packing all of the above for maximum pleasure.

04. SAL

1. A 6- or 8-panel cap (this compliments my face shape and protects me from the harsh UV or rains)

2. A comfy pair of sneakers (Air Max 95 for the cold and Flyknit Racers for the heat)

3. Slip eye mask (to optimise your deep sleep and to avoid the sun waking you up too early!)

05. Moon Holiday

1. Bitchy sunglasses

2. Warm jacket with enough pockets to function as a bag. Boring but true.

3. A warm jacket to put over my warm jacket because I am always, always freezing.

06. friendships

Prosecco, limoncello, and Dr Pepper.