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ACCLAIM issue 35 – Rebirth – Out Now

Celebrating a decade in the game

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Believe it or not, we’ve been doing this print thing for 10 years now. To celebrate this fact, we’re back with our biggest and best issue to date. Weighing in at 192 pages, the ‘Rebirth‘ issue is a testament to our history – and a celebration of the future. From emerging artists, to those whose work is experiencing a newfound renaissance, this issue is dedicated to fresh starts.

The ‘Rebirth’ issue includes:

Vic Mensa – On the cusp of the release of his debut album, Traffic, Vic Mensa is a name that’s about to blow up globally. With co-signs from the likes of Kanye West and Beyonce, and his fellow Savemoney crew affiliates – Vic has all the signs of a star in the making. In an exclusive, the Chicago rapper shared his new music with us and discussed his views on contemporary American culture. From confessing his hatred of police, to revealing his recent battles with addiction – Vic speaks candidly in an unflinching interview.

Babylon LA – Founded by Trash Talk bandmates Garrett Stevenson and Lee Spielman, Babylon LA is throwback to the anti-authoritarian skate labels of the ‘90s. With a rebellious mindset, and strong roots in the Californian punk scene, the LA boutique has become a club house of sorts for a new generation of skaters. In a major feature, Spielman reflects on the importance of DIY communities, and the importance of giving back to the youth.

Makonnen – Known for his wavering hooks, and the smash hit club track ‘Tuesday’, Makonnen is an artist who’s carving his own lane. With a string of mixtape releases, and a forthcoming LP, Makonnen is determined to prove that his a serious and credible artist. We caught the artist in New York to talk over his troubled past, and the decisions that he’s made that will define him in the future.

Janette Beckman – Every so often a youth movement emerges that changes the face of popular culture forever. Photographer Janette Beckman is the extremely fortunate position of witnessing this process firsthand twice. She captured the beginning of the punk movement in London, before moving to New York just as hip-hop culture began to grip the city. Janette’s archive of images is a who’s-who of subcultural legends caught in the infancies of their careers. In a long form interview she reflects on the legacy of these movements, and the popular culture landscape as it stands today.

Russell Maurice – Russell Maurice, aka GASIUS, is an artist steeped in the references from his youth. Obsessed with graffiti, animation, and skateboarding, Russell parlayed these references in to a career in art and design. Now he exhibits around the world, and his Gasius apparel brand is highly covetable. We caught him in his Berlin studio to break down the references that make him who he is, and discover the keys to unlocking the secrets of his world.

Additional content includes: Will Robson-Scott’s unreleased grime photography, the art of Petro, Have a Good Time, Ty Dolla $ign, Charley Gerardin, Conor O’Brien, as well as short fiction from David Infante and Max Olijnyk.

Available now.

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