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Weekly updates

We’re incredibly excited to announce that the brand new edition of ACCLAIM magazine, the ‘Explorer’ issue, will be hitting shelves both locally and internationally shortly. This time we’re taking the road less travelled, with an issue dedicated to those who push the boundaries and traverse borders to accomplish great things.

Whether it’s physically, artistically, or sonically – all our stories in this edition are inspired by those who have forged new cultural grounds. Contents include: Tinashe, Jesse Edwards, Legs McNeil, David Haines, Clippings, Bryce Golder, Adrian Morris, Eric Koston, Brooklyn Tailors, and plenty more.

Once again this issue of ACCLAIM is available with two unique cover.  The general release features the beautiful Tinashe shot on location by Adri Law, while the boutique offering highlights Rebecca Naen’s editorial inspired by the English skate scene.

Purchases are available in person at newsagents or one of our select stockists as of September 1st.