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Dive deep into the depths of the Australian dance music scene and you’ll find yourself bopping along to the futuristic beats of Broadway Sounds. Veering left of the commercial sound, their music is a mix of high energy African beats and psychedelic soul disco, leaving fans wooed time and time again. The 4-piece ensemble straight out of Melbourne, led by founder Andrew Diamond Phillips are a force to reckon with, with their unique sound and uncanny ability to get you up off your desk and grooving out your seat distinguishing them from the rest.

Their latest offering ‘Sing it Again’ follows suit and is just as energetic and vibrant as you can imagine. Debuting the track whilst touring and performing at Melbourne Music Week and Let Them Eat Cake in recent months, and realising how well it had been received by audiences, only confirmed to the band an official release was evident. The latest single will also set to be treated to some tripped-out visuals, sure to match the energy that the song embodies. The video was shot in a number of locations and is described by Phillips as being inspired by “psychedelic westerns, modern day middle eastern techno and that scene in National Lampoon’s Vacation where Chevy Chase is walking through the desert with jeans on his head.”

You can check out the premiere of the new Broadway Sounds track ‘Sing it Again below.

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