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If you’re into the future soul scene, chances are you’ve already unknowingly stumbled upon EMRSN. He was the sole support for D’Angelo on his Australian tour (check out his solid Brown Sugar cover) and absolutely owned last Sunday’s Section 8 Block Party in Melbourne. He’s just dropped a video for his PristineTracks featured song About Love and it’s pretty on point. The visual stylings remind me a little bit of those incredibly frustrating sliding block puzzles and there’s something extremely satisfying in watching it get ‘solved’ by the end of the clip.

The song itself is pretty interesting too. EMRSN’s soul-shaped timbre really suits the trap stylings of the track’s percussion which is a combination you wouldn’t think would come off as effortless. The foreboding siren pitch that descends into mellow backing vocals is also a cool spin on the trappings of the interconnected genres at play here. Bonus points if you picked up on that apt Kaytranada sample, too. We’ve got the exclusive on the video so go get into it. What you know about love?

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