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Weekly updates

Hot on the heels of Melbourne audiovisual duo ƒriendships‘ slow-burn triumph ‘Ghost Hear’ comes this brand new package, including a pair of remixes.

The first remix comes from Martin King (The Harpoons, Oscar + Martin), who grabs ahold of the dark, paranoid threads of the original and runs them straight into the nearest witch house. Crawling bass, tense organ chords, building percussion and reverby sonar pings make for a sinister (and totally compelling) listen.

Next up, Tim Shiel turns on the lights a little – enough to banish the gloom, but still dim enough for sexy times. The beatmaker and broadcaster guy (Triple R, Double J) layers treated vocals over a driving beat, providing a bit of a serotonin boost after the brutal comedown of King’s remix.

Listen to the new remixes right here (they’re free for 24 hours), and be sure to check out the ‘Ghost Hear’ video (below) if you haven’t already.

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