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Mikey Hundred is one of a handful of Australian hip-hop figures embracing the triple threat approach to sound crafting. He’s established himself as Allday’s DJ, a burgeoning streetwear icon and now, his flows are beginning to leak out the edges of his innanet rapper mould.

His lo-fi style of covers are certainly a different stylistic and auditory approach to the high quality production values of his homie Allday and it seems to have gained him traction with a similar audience searching for new avenues in the Aus rap scene. It might be a little early to call it, but it seems like Mikey is now using that growing exposure to shift gears sonically.

Hunj’s latest track, Dinosaurs in my Hotel, was recorded while in transit on Allday’s Startup Cult tour and that’s definitely shaped the contention of the track. Lyrically, the cycle of travel and separation from home is a distinct theme which is unsurprising considering it was written on flights between cities. Also, there’s talk about dinosaurs. Hunj is probably using a metaphor there, but I don’t know for sure.
Check out the exclusive premiere below!

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