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Sydney avant-beat producer Thomas William Smith (formerly known as Cleptoclectics) puts his spin on Oscar Key Sung’s It’s Coming. The track uses Key Sung’s spacious arrangement as a blank canvas for Thomas William Smith’s shifting, layered, hyperdetailed sounds.

The man behind the source material, Melbourne future-R&B artist Oscar Key Sung, is cementing his status as a global brand, gracing the stages of Falls, Meredith and Sugar Mountain festivals, as well as supporting the likes of St Vincent, Four Tet, Metronomy and Gotye. Next stop: Sydney’s OutsideIn festival on September 22.

Meanwhile, Thomas William Smith, associate of Astral People and the This Thing collective, is doing a fine trade in meticulous beatwork. In fact, he is no stranger to the remix treatment himself, having released a reworked album of his own material, Deccan Technicolour Remixes, featuring the production talents of Dro Carey, Angel Eyes, Wooshie, Galapagoose and, of course, Oscar Key Sung. Thomas William Smith is also a fresh addition to the lineup at OutsideIn festival.

We caught up with Thomas William Smith for a quick Q&A session, below:

My name is… Thomas William Smith.

By day I…  perform life maintenance… seems difficult to summarise.

By night I… my housemates call me Batman because I go out a lot at night.

My favourite TV show is… Black Mirror.

The last movie I watched was… a tedious documentary about J.D. Salinger. He’s interesting, but the film was awful.

The first album I ever bought was… Yothu Yindi – Tribal Voice.

The last was… R.P. Boo – Legacy.

If I wasn’t making music I would probably be… an evolutionary biologist.

I’m addicted to… $4.90 salad rolls from the general store on Abercrombie street.

The best thing about touring is… partying, meeting people, all the predictable stuff.

The worst thing is… all the bad food you inevitably eat, budget airlines.

My perfect gig would involve… I’m happy when people are engaged and seem genuinely interested in hearing new things.

The first gig I went to was… I went to a forest rave, aka a bush doof, when I was about 14. Jungle was big then. It was incredible.

The most important thing on my rider is… top-shelf Irish whiskey.

My hangover cure is… Nurofen, followed by the ocean. Nothing else really works as far as I’m concerned.

My fave youtube vid is… impossible, but maybe this.

My computer’s wallpaper is…