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Weekly updates

Chuuwee’s ridiculously smooth Cali flow and wordplay is exactly the sort of style that, combined with his liberal use of Sacramento references and imagery, are setting him up with the groundwork a young emergent rapper needs to become recognisable. His latest LP, The South Sac Mack, sees him pair up with German producers JR & PH7 to create a 17-track strong release with an overall sound that completely suits the West Coast vibe Chuuwee is clearly trying to forge into an icon of his style.

The second single to come off The South Sac Mack is ‘Meadowview Morning’, with a beat that reminds you of the Cadillac-rolling jams of early ’90s West side rap with a much more conscious lyrical presence; wrangling with issues of education and the perception of how smarts are conveyed across racial and authoritative barriers. The vid is simple but effective and we’ve got the premiere so check it out above. Scroll through the gallery to peep the first video off the album, ‘Meanwhile Off Mack’, and check out our premiere stream of The South Sac Mack below.

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