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Weekly updates

Young Franco is a lucky dude. His producer alias was clearly forged from the hundreds of times people have approached him at the bar with a “has anyone ever told you that you look just like a young James Franco?”. I say lucky because you can go somewhere with that. Meanwhile, I’m in the back corner hearing beautiful people murmur “Wow, Patrick Fugit has really let himself go” with accompanying glances of derision fired in my direction.

He’s also lucky because, as the title of his new EP series suggests, he’s got a lot of friends and all of them seem to be repping the same tropical-tinged positive house vibes as him. We got the drop on the new release before anyone else so hit play below and check it out. Just make sure you’ve cleared some room beneath your desk or around your room because you’re going to start involuntarily dancing with yourself and we don’t want you to get hurt when that Franco rhythm grabs you. If you really like what you’re hearing, you can also snatch it as a download on his Facebook here!

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