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This week’s Sound Guide is brought to you by rising R&B producer, GXNXVS.

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For this week’s Sound Guide, we traverse the influential sonic world of music producer, GXNXVS.

Providing contemporary R&B production as a duo with fellow artist, CVIRO, GXNXVS has proven time and time again to know his way around the bells and whistles of the iconic 90s R&B sound. Perfecting it with a modern twist, he’s been able to cook up a concoction that is unmistakable to authentic Australian R&B, but also calls on the sonic influences of those he admires.

For Sound Guides, we’re taken on a journey through the music of some of R&B and hip-hop’s head honchos. GXNXVS handpicks cuts from heavyweight artists like Jodeci, Missy Elliott, and Jagged Edge, but also provides space for the artists from today that have flipped R&B on its head, and mastered it in their own way, like Nate Husser, Q and Jordan Ward. No skips!

Check out the full playlist above and follow GXNVXS for more.

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