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As if André 3000 isn’t going to be busy enough this year, with Outkast’s insane international tour schedule, the hotly anticipated Jimi Hendrix biopic All Is By My Side, has finally been given a release date and we are now privy to the first official trailer. After an initial sneak preview a few months ago, we can now get a better feel for the whole movie, which solidifies the decision to cast Three Stacks as the legendary guitarist. Pretty excited about that ‘R’ rating too, I didn’t think you could really explore Jimi’s life and rise to fame without touching on the demons and debauchery that surely played out parallel to the brilliance of his music. Besides the perfect positioning of André Benjamin as the lead, the film is also directed by Oscar winning director John Ridley, who you might know from that little flick, 12 Years A Slave. And if the trailer is anything to go by, we are probably in for an emotional, psychedelic trip.

All Is By My Side is slated for release on September 26.

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