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In an oddly personal attack from the notorious internet activist group Anonymous, Kanye West has been accused to squandering his artistic talent and not allowing other artists to enjoy the recognition they deserve.

The narrator accuses Kanye of being spoiled little boy, that his decision to endorse what Kim Kardashian does is setting a bad example for his daughter and that his deceased mother would not approve of his actions.

The video was posted on the YouTube channel rawle95 which has previously posted a number of political Anonymous messages so it’s reasonable to assume that this is an official release from the band of internet activists.

“Anonymous has targeted you here with this message because you disgrace what we stand for.” Apparently claiming to be on the same level as a renaissance artist is something Anonymous doesn’t approve of.

The message claims that West is too caught up on himself to understand that he is just a corporate puppet designed to distract us with music and shiny clothes. lets face it though, Anonymous don’t really know what they’re doing either.

Despite making some legitimate arguments (claiming to be a renaissance artist), the personal attacks that talk about Yeezy’s wife, deceased mother and young daughter work against Anonymous and manage to weaken their own argument. Maybe they need to stick to fighting ISIS or 50 Shades of Grey instead.

Watch the video above.

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