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It’s been a pretty bleak few days with the most recent deaths at the hands of US police officers triggering one of the most impassioned social media reactions ever. People continue to make their feelings known in as many ways as is relevant to them, which means rappers have taken to the booth in the last couple of days to drop songs of protest, solidarity, and love.

And while these specific incidents occurred in the US, there is no denying that this kind of police brutality has been highlighted around the world and yes, even in our own backyard. This point is certainly not lost on some of our local artists, and they’re also using their platform to address the issue.

Melbourne rapper Baro has been so moved by these occurrences that he, too, put in work in the studio to complete the track ‘Fuck the Judge’, which features fellow Melbourne MC Remi. As you can probably tell by the title, it’s sends out a pretty direct message and expresses some familiar sentiments about the authorities’ unjust and excessively physical treatment of citizens. Each rapper airs their opinions, sharing some pretty hard-hitting stories of less-than-friendly interactions with police. However the track does end in an entirely opposite manner to which it started, which leaves you with a sense of melancholy and maybe even some hope for the future. Baro wanted to highlight the importance of speaking up about these issues and the point is communicated pretty perfectly with this one.

Listen to ‘Fuck the Judge’ below.

Weekly updates