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Bars: all the music we’re listening to right now

Feautring: Travis Scott & Quavo, SZA, Flying Lotus, Cardi B, and more

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Weekly updates

Bars is Acclaim’s weekly wrap up of all the music we want you to get in on. Whether it’s new albums, mixtapes, tracks, or videos, we’re here wading through the noise to bring you only the finest happenings in the world of music.

This week we’re catching up on everything you might have missed from the holiday period. Hit the list below to see what we’ve been bumping this week.

01. Huncho Jack – 'Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho'


Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho is the latest in the slew of collaborative projects, but stands out as one of the strongest. Travis Scott and Quavo have incredible chemistry as they go back and forth with autotune harmonies, bars, and the catchiest of hooks. While it’s nothing groundbreaking or experimental it’s simplistic approach to bass heavy, trap influenced anthems make it the perfect project to start your 2018.


02. Cardi B – 'Bartier Cardi'


‘Bartier Cardi’ is the perfect follow up to ‘Bodak Yellow’. Linking up with 21 Savage, Cardi flaunts her success and well-earnt egotism in the form of flurrying bars and aggressive flows. Backed by a series of eerie keys and 808s courtesy of producer 30 Rocc, Cardi and Savage shine using their respective taunt and daunt to craft an undeniable banger. If you thought ‘Bodak Yellow’ was a fluke, think again.

03. Migos – 'Stir Fry'


‘Stir Fry’ is a left turn for the Migos—ditching their melodic trap formula for fast-paced Pharrell production. Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset take turns in trading bars over booming drums, and synth melodies. It’s the perfect concoction of modern day Migos sound and vintage Neptunes’ sound. By heading into 2018 taking risks such as they did on this single Migos show that they are not just looking to conquer the current wave but the whole ocean.

04. Lil Uzi Vert – 'Mood'


Lil Uzi Vert’s ‘Mood’ may be a loosie from his vault, but it’s good enough to be his next big single. Teaming up with producers Southside and TM88, ‘Mood’ is a low key, somber trap anthem, reminiscent of the now iconic ‘X0 Tour Lif3’. Featuring a series of bouncing atmospheric synths, and a driving bass line, Uzi’s druggy flows float into depths of melody, making it one of his catchiest songs yet. If this is what you call a leftover track, we’re overly anxious to see what Uzi has in store for the future.

05. Cuppcakke – 'Ephorize'


‘Ephorize’ is Cupcakke with icing on top. Featuring a series of beats that range from contemporary EDM, house, and trap, Cuppcakke spits barrage after barrage of hard hitting in bars that range from ridiculous to raunchy. It’s frantic, it’s straightforward, it’s a lot of fun, and is essential listening heading into the new year.

06. SZA – 'The Weekend'


SZA owned 2017, and begins 2018 even stronger with an official video for ‘The Weekend’ directed by Solange. The video features SZA looking striking as ever, and paired with the smooth, sexy goodness of song itself, the video spews a sense of euphoria into the hearts of the viewer. Its luscious, it’s emotional, it’s everything you though a SZA and Solange collab would be.

07. Brainfeeder 2017–2018 Mix

Flying Lotus, along with his record label Brainfeeder, dropped a mix of some of the best tunes from artists on the roster to bring in 2018. Featuring cuts from Thundercat, Iglooghost, Flying Lotus himself, and more, the mix showcases the label’s diversity to mix electronic, funk, jazz, hip-hop, and a flurry of other genres in their production. If you want something obscure and experimental, plus get a tease of what’s to come in 2018 then this mix has got you covered.