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Weekly updates

Generally when I’m in the state that leaning on the  front porches of random houses in Brunswick is going down, I’m asked to please leave by the owners, or the cab driver speeds away and pretends he didn’t see me, but this is not the case for ol’ Beyonce.

When the singer graced her porch last week for a photo shoot, 80 year old owner Jeanette Meadows had no idea who she was but from the hoards of fans who have gathered at the property since, she has cottoned on to the fact that Beyonce is ‘kinda a big deal’. Whilst having Queen Bey fans taking photos on your porch might sound like reason enough to build on one of those ugly ass brown glass sun rooms that old people seemed to adore in the 90s in order to throw the fans  off the scent, Meadows is pretty stoked on this new found fame as Beyonce has just increased the property value on her place, maybe even a 50k increase.

According to news.com.au, “the Meadows’ unrenovated home would usually fetch about $450,000 to $480,0000, but with the celebrity link it could skyrocket over half a million.” You can lean on my front porch any day Bey. Wait, I don’t have a porch and I rent, and with the property value getting higher, my rent will probably go higher. Scratch that… move along plz.