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Ever wished to see Nasty Nas in manga form? Well, Metayer Ink LLC is trying.

Stephane Metayer is a huge fan of anime and hip-hop but he has “never seen an NYC based cartoon that really captured the true essence of living in this big city.” So he created Telphlon Funk, which is an ode to Nas’s debut 1994 album Illmatic. Metayer has decided to create a Kickstarter in order to raise the funds to create and publish the manga and needs your help.

Tephlon Funk is a “story about a troubled teenage girl who runs into someone that changes her life forever. The events that take place not only changes her outlook on life but also gives her the inner strength she never knew she had.”

Stephane’s goal is to “self publish this 130 page book and show that people are looking for a great story which not only they can relate to, but one that has a diverse set of characters.”

The creators hope to turn Tephlon Funk into an anime series as well which could potentially become the next Samurai Champloo or Afro Samurai, so donate now here and help create possibly the next best manga/anime series.

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