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Channel Tres’ Guide to the Los Angeles Music Scene

Celebrating his new single 'Weedman' the Compton bass-lover breaks down his Top 5 LA artists.

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For Channel Tres, music is about reconnecting with his own history, whether it’s in his lyrics or the music he references in his productions. “My dad is from Chicago,” explains Channel. “House music was created there, and over time the music got lost in translation. So when I studied it and I saw that it was African-American people and Latinos and the LGBTQ community and minorities, I got really inspired by it.” As a producer, Channel has a great knack for absorbing his musical influences and creating something new.

Returning with a brand new single ‘Weedman’, the Los Angeles local shows off more of his signature baritone, spoken-word style and delivers it over bassy lo-fi production in a song about the pursuit of, well, weed.

“It’s basically a song detailing my life at a certain time,” Channel says. Getting a hold of the weedman came with its own set of rules, etiquette and personalities. “It was hard to get weed and now there’s dispensaries everywhere.”

Presumably picked with a blunt in hand, Channel Tres caught up with Acclaim to break down his top 5 Los Angeles artists. See the list below!

01. Dj Quik

DJ Quik is one of my favourite artist and producers. ‘Do I Love Her?’ is one of my favourite records. It’s really a classic! I take a lot of inspiration from a lot of places, but DJ Quik and funk music have played a huge role in my music!

02. Thundercat

Thundercat is bass. His music has got me through some of the hardest times and best times in my life. I genuinely think he’s a gift to this world. It’s crazy how many records he plays bass on.

03. Barry White

Barry White is a musical God from Watts, CA. I love the space and just the sexiness and the way he used his tone to tell a story. I could listen to Barry White for hours and hours!

04. Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick is one of my all-time favourite Artists. He gave me hope and seeing him grow from the ground up showed me if I work hard I can accomplish big things like he has. We may not make the exact same type of music but he inspires me every day. Also, his music is incredible.

05. Sa Ra

The legendary Sa Ra changed my life. They really define the smooth and wavy vibe of being on the West Coast. I try and channel that sound and vibe in a lot of my music. Makes me feel at home.