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Converse have reworked the iconic Chuck Taylor to pay homage to the legendary punk band, The Clash. Taking us back to the ’80s, the two designs feature pop-punk prints of skulls and crossbones in black and prink, honing in on the bands roots and originating aesthetic.

While the design is fairly mute, the tongue of the shoe embroidered “The Clash” speaks volumes. The drop ties in with the times where Converse itself was peaking, embraced by both underground punk and mainstream cultures.

If you’re not one to rock a pair tour-esque sneakers, the soon-to-drop collection is definitely a point reminisce on the contribution of punk in rebelling the norm for 40 years.

The collection will launch on September 20 at Converse stores and online. In the meantime, you can check out the range in the gallery above and listen to one of their most iconic anthems at the same time.

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