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RU - Who Are The Most Likeable Characters In Rap?

Recently I was congratulated for “hating on the most unhateable guy in rap,” after suggesting that rotund producer Statik Selektah had an affinity for Kenny G saxophone samples in his music. Clearly, the idea of someone being ‘unhateable’ is relative, and, if you’re basically a professional jerk such as myself, you can find something to hate about everybody. With that in mind, here are a collection of some of the so-called ‘nicest’ characters in the rap world.

Large Professor

No one has ever had a bad word to say about the artist once known as Paul Juice. (Okay, well there was that unfortunate run-in he had with Eric B. over production credits and the time that Neek The Exotic spazzed out on him at Twitter for a week or two, but that doesn’t count.) Large continues to bless everyone from rap veterans to up-and-comers with his neck-snapping beats, and has a sound which has arguably aged better than contemporaries such as Pete Rock and DJ Premier if you look at their recent work. LP can often be seen riding his bike around Flushing Meadows, hanging out on the train and taking ‘vacations in the ghetto.’

Biz Markie

Whether it’s because he’s borderline autistic, helps out with one of the least annoying kids’ shows ever made or generally behaves like a giant kid with his house full of rare toys, the B-I-Z is still guaranteed to rock your body and turn the party out after thirty years of wacky antics.


As a professional mentalist, Noreaga has provided more lolz in his career than eight season of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Ghostface Killah

Everyone luhs Tony Starks, which is why he was able to release a book, a doll, an album of rap ballads and appear on that stupid Couples Therapy show without anyone complaining.

Prince Paul

Notice how De La Soul went from zany, fun-loving characters to grumpy old bastards all of a sudden? That’s because Prince Paul wasn’t in the mix anymore.


Reggie Noble is like your drunken uncle at Christmas: as long as you don’t sit too close to him, he’s great value. His weed-addled antics and razor-sharp verbal wit never fail to entertain after all these years.

Method Man

As the Cheech to Redman’s Chong, Methtical might not be coaching the local little league but the very fact that he recorded a song with Biggie while he was riffing with Raekwon and Ghost demonstrates that very few people can front on this dude.

Devin The Dude

Easily the most down-to-earth rapper of all time, Devin has no shame sharing his constant short-comings in his music. Plus, ‘Reefer & Beer’ may be the greatest song of the 00’s.

Snoop Dogg

Even your granny thinks Snoop Dogg is wonderful, although I have no idea why. Guess she missed that time he went to trial for shooting a dude and that other time he brought some gals to the MTV awards on dog leashes. Or maybe that’s why she fucks with Mr. Broadus.


While Run played his part as the arrogant asshole of the crew, DMC was the quiet dude who played his position on the humble until it was time to drink a crate of 40s and hit the stage.

Andre The Giant

AG is easily the most humble rapper I’ve ever met and doesn’t have a bad word to say about anyone. A true gentleman and a scholar.

The Beatnuts

They may be drunken degenerates, but that’s exactly what’s so great about them. Plus I have a lot of time for any group that drinks Jameson on stage out of the bottle.

Ol’ Dirty Bastard

Everyone had a lot of love for this larger-than-life character, especially the alleged dozens of women with whom he has sired children. Who else would admit to getting STDs and shitting their pants on record? “Wu-Tang is for the children,” indeed.

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