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Craterface on the Influence Behind Burn After Listening

The Newcastle duo break down some of the biggest influences from their new mixtape.

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Newcastle alt-rap duo and self-proclaimed “gutter rats” Craterface are certainly one of the more unique acts in the country right now, delivering their refreshing brand of bratty lo-fi punk rap and experimental production across a brain-melting 12 songs on their new mixtape titled Burn After Listening. To celebrate the release of Burn After Listening, we caught up with Taki Local and Baby Bruh to talk through some of the influences found throughout the project and get a better sense of just how the hell they ended up sounding like that!

Chatting to the boys about creating this playlist, they told us; “Making this list took us both on a weird trip down the creation process of Burn After Listening, there’s something about recounting your influences that makes the whole thing seem so real. All of these songs are pretty much interchangeable between both of us, these sounds and themes helped us pave the way for BAL on a true level. When we applied our flavour it was game over really.”

Baby Bruh: Baby Keem – Bullies
Something about the way Baby Keem writes is just so confident, yet weirdly humble. I absolutely wanted to encapsulate that on the tape, this song, in particular, shows his vulnerable side, it’s incredible how Keem paints a picture of himself that is this powerful.

Taki Local: J Dilla – Don’t Cry
Infinitely inspired by the emotion in this song portrayed only through loops

Baby Bruh: Ryan Beatty- Hawkshaw
The vocal melodies and soundscapes this man creates is constantly just staggering to me, I have never once failed to learn something from Ryan Beattys music and this track is the perfect example.

Taki Local: Shlohmo – Rock Music
His tracks are gritty and tapey as fuck, full of nostalgia and feeling. One of my favourites of all time he changed the way I produce.

Baby Bruh: Young Nudy, Pierre Bourne – Sunflower Seeds
I chose to include this song for similar reasons to Baby Keem in terms of unfiltered braggadocio, but I dunno—this song just has an undeniable nostalgic sound to it. Never fails to make me believe better times are ahead despite the subject matter.

Taki Local: 50 Cent- 21 Questions
Can’t beat this era of 2000’s shit.

Baby Bruh: Quelle Chris- Birthdaze
This song is just so uniquely emotional. I have never ever experienced a song that shows a true defeatist attitude to life in general—a big theme of our tape. The beat is just ridiculous, no hope in sight whatsoever. “They say boy you got a gift, I say well here you take it”… wild.

Taki Local: Earl Sweatshirt and Mavi-  El TORO COMBO
Completely honest and introspective music this style completely inspires our whole sound. (Baby Bruh edit: facts.)

Baby Bruh: ZelooperZ, Earl Sweatshirt – Easter Sunday
Man Tak and I both fell in love with Zeloopoerz while making this project. Can’t fully put my finger on it but I would say our love stems from how raw it is, it’s like he knows how to flow and knows the perfect subject matter for said flow, learnt a lot of rap skills from this man. And of course, Earl’s verse at the backend is simply incredible.

Taki Local: Ecco2k- Blue Eyes
Noisy and obscure but so much beauty, vocals are on another level.

Baby Bruh: Fergie – Clumsy
Can’t say anything else but this is a shining example of the perfect instrumental with the perfect melodies. No shame whatsoever when I say this song is an instant classic.

Taki Local: Freddie Gibbs and Madlib – Robes
Hands down the most beautiful instrumental I have ever heard I wouldn’t be here without Madlib

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