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Not content with invading all aspects of the music press, the fashion press is having its share of Daft Punk news as well, mainly thanks to Hedi Slimane and Dazed & Confused magazine. The duo was summoned to Dazed headquarters along with music producer and synth legend Giorgio Moroder for a ‘special pop summit’ aka awesome photoshoot and tell-all interview for the June print edition.

The latest edition of Dazed & Confused, which is released Wednesday May 15 features Daft Punk on the cover and Hedi Slimane photography, along with Giorgio–Punk interviews.

Hot topics that were touched on include Random Access Memories, Giorgio’s opinion on Daft Punk’s fan-track ‘Giorgio by Moroder’, Giorgio on Skrillex, his musical legacy, Daft Punk’s opinion on robots and the subject of touring. Click here to read ten snippets of what’s to come.

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