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PREMIERE: Danté Knows and Tasker Take a Trip on ‘Laced’

Born in the depths of the Bodega Collective lair, ‘Laced’ is a psychedelic journey into the universe of Danté Knows assisted by producer Tasker.

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Sydney-via-Brooklyn artist Danté Knows grew up writing poetry in High School, a passion that eventually led him to start making music. Upon relocating to Sydney, Australia, the young artist connected with the crew at Bodega Collective, the cult independent label and artist management company behind some of the fresh faces of Sydney’s rap new-school including Raj Mahal, Gibrillah and Maxine.

Today, Danté drops his latest visual for new heater ‘Laced’ produced by Sydney powerhouse Tasker, who has previously worked on tracks with artists like Okenyo, Lil Spacely and Muka Vhatti. Together, the two fuse like Gotenks to create a tripped-out, bass-heavy banger that’s accompanied by equally out-there visuals, directed by comrade Murli.

Chatting to Murli on the clip’s creation, he told us: “We wanted to make a video that was kind of like a bad trip. One where you get a bit stoned, you rock up to a club or a party and you’re kind of anxious and paranoid. You’re not really sure if the drugs are kicking in or if you even want to be there, but you kind of just go with it. Maybe it’s a good night, maybe it’s bad, but it becomes a memory.”

Follow Dante Knows here, Tasker here and check out the video for ‘Laced’ above.


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