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We’ve all cracked out our best David Attenborough impression when an animalistic display of behaviour has called for it, perhaps to describe drunken mates or bizarre strangers.

Well, if there was ever one wild behavioural display that warranted Sir David’s dulcet tones it has to be Miley at the VMAs. The now infamous performance has undergone a clever reincarnation on the web this week, and it’s probably the best so far.

Miley’s twerking and grinding has had some carefully timed Attenborough voiceovers applied, describing the mating ritual of birds, with some hilarious quotes:

“…the sequence of movements is long and complicated,”

“…mating in birds can be a very quick business.”

Kind of makes you wonder what sort of birds Robin Thicke and Miley would be. My bet is on Miley as a pelican – must be all that wobbly beige.

For some of us, the naturalist’s soothing voice may be the only way we can make sense of the bizarre Miley spectacle; now we can simply relax and think of it as part of nature, the animal kingdom, and the circle of life.

Check out the video above, along with a photo representation of the event that I’ve taken the liberty of creating.

Hannah Scholte