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Weekly updates

When Busta busted back into the forefront of your hip hop psyche with the killer collab single “Thank You,” we were expecting some sort of slow burn comeback for the rap veteran. Obviously (and thankfully) not.

Not long after the single dropped, it was revealed he would be teaming up with old mate Q-Tip on a whole collaborative mixtape. Despite coming in a completely different era, the dudes know exactly how to cater to our desire for instant gratification, with The Abstract and The Dragon dropping yesterday for streaming and free (yes!) download.

The sound is definitely reminiscent of that Tribe era, with a strong ‘90s influence, mixed in with some more sexed-up, trapped out tracks as well as some new treatments of old classics, including my personal favourites ‘Vivrant Thing’ and ‘Scenario’. Honestly though, it’s worth the download just to hear Busta’s voice on those little intros between tracks.

Stream below and download here.