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Weekly updates

‘The best instrumental albums can tell a story,’ I read in an interview somewhere. I think it was Flying Lotus. And that is certainly the case with Dusty Milk Crates Vol. 3. For some reason, the soulful, future-funk invoking collection of beats and beat-makers lends itself to weaving a collection of long-shots in my mind, full of people sitting on milk crates, down alleyways surrounded by swirling graffiti. It’s that Melbourne, chilly dusk and in a smokey haze they’re rolling cigarettes or joints for each other, laughing. With each track, the characters change like the producers on the album, they’re from Melbourne, Germany, Paris. Each track, like each artist, has a different story to tell.

Compiled by Condensed Milk – that being Amin PaYnE and Jackson Miles – and a collective of like-minded designers, crate-diggers and musicians, that includes internationals Suff Daddy and alongside Aus beat-makers M-PhazesOisima, Winters, Flash Forest, Kirkis and many more. Get the download below and check out Vol 1 & Vol 2.

Condensed Milk