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Weekly updates

Always good to have some new tunes to take you through to the weekend. Here’s a new mix we gave a whirl in the office today and enjoyed… ‘Mic Check 1234!’ is a remix album by Max Tannone made up of rap and punk music. According to its maker: “Great rap and great punk both make you want to affect change, to rebel against the status quo, or to simply just get up and move. This project pairs my favorite emcees’ most socio-political material with some of the best punk bands ever.” It’s actually pretty good. As one staffer put it “It’s like everything I used to listen to when I was 14 put into one album”. Think Dead Prez meets the Sex Pistols, Kanye West meets Reagan Youth and so forth. We’re not sure about the Eminem and The Clash track… but we’re not sure about Eminem, period.

Download it here.