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Weekly updates

Photographer Eilon Paz has been interviewing and photographing record collectors as a part of an ongoing photo essay project called Dust and Grooves which later turned into a site. And a pretty amazing site at that. Well now Paz has started a kickstarter to try and expand the project into a bonafide printed book. 

Check out the Dust & Grooves Kickstarter page for more info. See some sample images in the gallery and hear about the project from Paz in the vid below.

*Update: Just checked the Kickstarter and they’ve already exceeded their goal, so it looks like the book is going to be a reality. Congrats dudes. There’s four more days to donate however and no doubt they could still use the dollars so hop to it if you wanna see this book made. I for one know the print game is no walk in the park so every little bit that can go into the slush fund will make a big difference.