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Andrei Eremin pretty much does it all in the Melbourne music scene. He’s a recording artist, mixer, masterer, and an all round aficionado of beats. His latest release, Recycling (2013-2015) is a bundle of loose remixes that he created over the last two years. We caught up to ask him a couple of quick questions. Check out the remix compilation in the gallery above and if you like what you hear, grab it for free here.

Who are you?

Andrei Eremin. You can call me Ony if you like.

Where are you from?

Melbourne born and raised, representing the 3056 (like most of the rest of Australia’s songwriters).

What is unique about your local music scene?

The friendship culture. Everyone knows everyone and they’re all genuinely supportive of anything you want to do.

Describe your sound in three words. Go!

Accessible experimental electronic.

What makes you unique as an artist?

An active desire not to remain still. Life is short, push some boundaries.

Have you heard any new music lately? Got any recommendations?

Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly made me feel things I haven’t felt from music since my childhood. The future of music is in safe hands.

Some of our favourite local acts are involved in your new release. Could you tell us how it all came together?

Recycling is a compilation of remixes I’ve worked on over the last two years, to celebrate and catalog what I feel is an underrated art form. To me there’s nothing more exciting than successfully recontextualising an existing piece of music, especially those that are so meaningful to begin with.

Milwaukee Banks, I’lls, Rat & Co and Japanese Wallpaper are all good friends of mine from making music alongside each other for the last couple years. I have huge respect for all of those guys, and the collaborations were about 50/50 me chasing a remix vs. them chasing me for one.

What inspired the artwork for this EP? You did it, right?

Guilty. Minimalism is my philosophy. If you can’t express an idea simply and cleanly, it’s not worth expressing. That manifests itself frequently in my art, musical or otherwise – a strong concept presented well is worth its weight in gold.

Who are you working with in the studio at the moment?

My friend Wafia flew down from Brisbane to mix and master her debut EP with me recently. She worked with a number of different producers and collaborators at the top of their game, but with a clear vision for where the record had to go. The end result is going to take a lot of people by surprise and I love that.

Aside from that, I mixed a track for Ian Berney of Birds Of Tokyo’s new project, as well as an EP for anonymous legends Hoodlem. Spoiled for choice!

Do you have any shows coming up, ever?

We’ll see! Let’s just say I’m acutely aware of how boring it is to watch a sweaty dude press play on a stage. Electronic music performance is still in its infancy and I want to be able to present something special or not present anything at all.

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