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UV boi is an 18-year old producer from Brisbane, Australia whose Tumblrfied aesthetic has seen him enthralled by – and now collaborating with – the sadwave scene. DEER is the Melbourne-based Pilerats Records representative who has supported the likes of Ryan Hemsworth, Djemba Djemba, Trippy Turtle, DJ Hoodboi, Paul Devro, Dirty South Joe and DJ Sliink.

Money is a resource that is best used for ‘making it rain’. Weed is legal in some states, none of which are in Australia. But, legalities aside, keep in mind that it’s always 420 somewhere.

DEER and UV Boi collaborated on a #canrelate track called ‘MoneyWeed’ which was just premiered on Mishka NYC. Listen below:


Who are you?

Hi, I am UV boi, but soon to be a man.

Where are you from?

Brisbane, Australia.

What is unique about your local music scene?

God damn, my local music scene. To be honest I don’t know much of it. I guess the unique thing is the small number of people holding it down for Brisbane.

Describe your sound in 3 words.

Supa Hot Fire. (I hope some of you get this reference.)

What makes you unique as an artist?

I guess the flexibility of my sound.

Have you heard any new music lately? Got any recommendations?

Yes I have. Fellow Brisbanite ELI Marsland has been dropping some supa hot fire. Spooky Black also, if you haven’t already gotten on to him. Shouts out Ur Boy Bangs too – yo boy doing it big right now. Peep his new album Millionaire’s Dream on iTunes.

Tell us a little about this release. What inspired the artwork for this track?

Well the track is titled ‘MoneyWeed’, so we wanted the artwork to represent that. Therefore the artwork is laced with money and weed. Credit to AloeArmor.

What else are you working on at the moment?

I recently did a collab with Gregar from Sweden. He has worked with the Sadboys’ rapper Yung Lean. I like died and resurrected when I got the message from him wanting to work with me. Gregar being one of my favourite producers and my inspiration to becoming UV boi. Had me #fangirling to the max.

Not many collabs with other producer planned, aside from my buddies ELI Marsland and Kraznov. However, there are some UV boi productions coming for a New York rapper by the name of Orrin Campbell, Swedish rapper Andreas Todini and singer Nyne.

Do you have any shows coming up?

I’m just beginning to play shows. There is one currently in the works by Brisbane Label Ender Music, set for around late May to early July, as a birthday gift for your yung boi turning 18.

Lots of love,
UV boi

P.S.: i l-UV u *Signs out of MSN and Bebo*

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