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Weekly updates

UNiiQU3 is a DJ, producer and rapper from New Jersey, and even if you don’t think you know her shit, you probably do. (I’m just going to hit you with this Trey Cartel x UNiiQU3 number real quick.) She’s had the club going up since before the Jersey club sound exploded on a global scale, and is just now embarking on her first international tour as part of NLV Presents: International Edition alongside Eclair Fifi, Sam Tiba, Swick and Nina Las Vegas herself.

My name is… Cherise Alexandria Gary.

By day I… Wake up, work out, send a lot of emails, drink some vodka and produce music.

By night I… Buy a bottle of Henny, mix it with Cola, dab and produce music.

My favourite TV show is… Daria – she’s low-key my spiritual animal.

The last movie I watched was… The Importance of being a Wallflower. It was so sad but cute.

The first album I ever bought was… Aaliyah.

The last was… Little Simz’s E.D.G.E.

If I wasn’t making music I would probably be… A prima ballerina, a classical pianist or a broadway singer–actor.

I’m addicted to… glitter and pistachios.

My perfect gig would involve… someone throwing glitter on me as I perform and then me and Travis $cott would crowd surf to ‘Money Drop’ by Swizzymack.

The first gig I went to was… some basement. Don’t remember much but that’s always kind of a good thing.

The most important thing on my rider is… a tie between my Red Bull and Grey Goose and my mic. I must have both to perform.

My hangover cure is… water and Netflix.

My favourite YouTube vid is… When Wolf Gang did a voice-over for that Henry the Llama video. So funny.

My computer’s wallpaper is… a picture of me covered in glitter in a bathtub full of beer cans, and balloons. Grunge realness.

Catch DJ UNiiQU3 on tour for NLV Presents: International Edition.