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I’ve been to so many of Indian Summer’s gigs, dating back to when they were just baby-faced club brats. Watching them progress from polo shirt–wearing indie kids to suited-up festival-killers has been quite the ride. Melbourne duo Gabe and Chevy are dominating at the moment, with their latest track ‘Shiner’ hitting #1 on Hypemachine and its video counterpart already reaching over one million plays. Get it boys.


Who are you?

Gabe and Chevy. Nice to meet you.

Where are you from?

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

What is unique about your local music scene?

There are too many unique things about Melbourne music to list. Artists aren’t afraid to get weird and don’t really care what audiences think of them – we think that’s really important.

Describe your sound in three words. Go!

Weird bass music.

What makes you unique as an artist?

Chevy has a third nipple.

Have you heard any new music lately? Got any recommendations?

Check out Dugong Jr (Melbourne) and Ribongia (Sydney). Two new Aussie artists doing cool music.

Tell us a little about this release

It’s a collaborative track with Sydney artist Ginger and The Ghost on vocals. She did this whole Kate Bush kind of thang with it. We’ve had it completed for quite a while so we’re really excited about it being out in the world.

What inspired the artwork for this track?

Chevy Long’s Adobe Illustrator skills.

Is there a video component? What’s the story behind the video?

We have a video dropping in the next couple of weeks, it was put together by an Australian director called Jack Toohey. Don’t want to spoil too much but it involves a bunch of different characters doing strange stuff. There’s a guy with a baseball bat in it.

What else are you working on at the moment?

We’ve got heaps of new originals ready to go for the next eight or so months. Can’t wait to get them out!

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