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Lane Harry and Ike Campbell are viciously trying to tear down the stigma surrounding Australian hip-hop. Despite the recent success of rappers from the country, the genre has always struggled to sit comfortably due largely to the perceived incompatibility of local imagery, the genre’s wide-scale obsession with authenticity, and the grating twang of an Aussie accent over the beat. They duo has beefed with Allday for trying to sound like Drake, toured with 360 and most recently, dropped their album Renaissance as an act of proof that hip-hop in Australia can be more than dated jams that evoke an involuntary cringe from even the most devoted rap fan. You can stream Renaissance in full in the gallery above and read below to find a little more out about the Gold Coast musicians.

Who are you?

Lane x Ike: Alt Hip-Hop duo Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell.

Where are you from?

Lane: Originally from Auckland, New Zealand but we both live on the Gold Coast.

Ike: Born and raised on the Gold Coast.

What is unique about your local music scene?

Lane x Ike: I think our singer-songwriters on the Coast are honestly the best in the country. We have artists like Scott Dalton, Tommy Sheehan, Jackson James Smith, Lily Budiasa and so many more crazy singer-songwriters absolutely killing it right now. There is a lot of incredible talent that goes unrecognised.

Describe your sound in three words. Go!

Lane: Wild. Fun. Dark.

Ike: Unique. Complex. Consumable.

What makes you unique as artists?

Lane x Ike: we’re trying so hard to remove the negative stigma that Australian Hip-Hop has. We want to make it socially acceptable to be a massive Aus hip-hop fan.

Have you heard any new music lately? Got any recommendations?

Lane: Theres an indie band from Byron Bay called Parcels. I’m absolutely hooked on their new EP right now, had it on repeat all week. Also, Vic Mensa is probably my favourite artist of the moment.

Ike: Would have to agree with Lane, Vic Mensa is on the come up right now and all his music is fire. The new Young Thug album, Barter 6, is also pretty rad.

Tell us a little about this release.

Lane: Renaissance was 12 months in the making and was every solid idea we had developed over that time. Every raw emotion, experience and concept that had flowed through us is all on this 16 track record.

Ike: Everything you hear on this album is real hunger. Were just focused on creating art at the highest level.

What inspired the artwork for this release?

Lane: I heard about an artist called Nicholas Jacobsen on Tumblr and I found his website and Facebook and messaged him our music and he really liked it. He let us redesign one of my favourite works from him for our album cover.

What else are you working on at the moment?

Lane: We have some new singles and music videos that will be released over the new few months

Ike: Possibly looking to release a free EP at the end of the year too.

Do you have any shows coming up?

Lane x Ike: We have shows in Melbourne & Brisbane lined up for late May/early June. Follow us on social media to stay up to date with that stuff.

What other Aus hip-hop should people be listening to?

Lane: LEVA is rad, I was talking to him on the weekend about his new mixtape, its going to be crazy. Gill Bates is dope, I first met him at this party Earl Sweatshirt had in Brisbane like a year ago but didn’t know he rapped then he later sent me some beats and demos which were pretty sick. Now I’m hearing finished products from the guy and they’re all class.

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