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Noah Slee is a Berlin based New Zealander creating some seriously lush RnB with his track ‘Can’t Let go’. After relocating to Brisbane and working on music with Aussie producers Yahtzel and LDRU, Noah linked up with Kitschkrieg, the guys behind the production of this new single. That was the stimulus for his move to Berlin, a city whose philosophy towards music he’s wholeheartedly embraced. His strong soulful vocals propel Noah’s tracks into a place where many can only dream of taking their sound. You can watch the video for ‘Can’t Let go’ in the gallery above. The single and remixes will be available online from May 29.

Who are you?

A simple dude by the name of Noah Slee.

Where are you from?

Born and raised in New Zealand and my heritage is Tongan.

What is unique about your local music scene?

There’s always something happening in Berlin. DJs are definitely winning the ratio to singers and MC’s! Locations, whether announced or secret and off the cuff, vibe. It’s always pretty unique and keeps things interesting. I am a sucker for music in different spaces!

Describe your sound in three words. Go!

A love supreme.

What makes you unique as an artist?

I am a unique individual and I am me. This is enough to be.

Have you heard any new music lately? Got any recommendations?

I am loving Groeni from New Zealand.

Tell us a little about this release.

I recorded the song with production team Kitschkrieg in Berlin and it speaks of a spiritual experience I had with not wanting to leave something special for reality.

What inspired the artwork for this track?

the artwork is an unedited picture captured one winter’s night [while I was] leaving the studio. The video was shot not far from this spot so the creative space for ‘Can’t Let Go’ was all on this street. My friend and photographer, °awhodat°, is snapping away on the regular and she has a dope eye.

What else are you working on at the moment?

I will drop two remixes for ‘Can’t Let Go’, but I’m [also] always writing and I’m excited to release more music this year. There’s a few collabs on the way with a few producers. but I am free and dedicated to making music and sharing my stories.

Do you have any shows coming up?

I’m playing Berlin Festival this weekend and other than that, its on the constant so check my website for dates. I’ve ot some cool festivals and a few shows where I’m on support like with Hiatus Kaiyote and a few more so I’m excited!

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