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Weekly updates

Overnight, El-P tweeted the bittersweet news that the highly anticipated Run the Jewels 3 would not be coming in 2015 due to a rigorous tour schedule. I share the disappointment of not having fresh RtJ anytime soon with any other El-P and Killer Mike Stan out there, but let’s not forget Run the Jewels 2 came out in October of last year and, as Jamie expressed in a follow-up tweet, he’s a big believer in making the record great no matter how long it takes. He still managed to give us a brief instrumental snippet of what to expect and, needless to say, it bangs even without Mikey’s verbose drawl laced over the top.

Meanwhile in the world of cat-rap, Meow the Jewels is still going strong with appearances from Zola Jesus, Alchemist, Dan the Automator, and a few more confirmed. Nick Hook also tweeted plans to head down to the zoo to capture animal samples for the bestial flip. No date has been set for the feline drop yet, but you’ve gotta show love for Jamie and Mikey when they’re on such a heavy tour schedule yet pushing so much new music through the pipeline. Check the sneak preview of RtJ3 and a few Meow the Jewels tweets in the gallery above.

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