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Continuing their nostalgia-driven issue, Paper magazine has shared another rapper tribute letter, this time written by Eminem in honour of Tupac. In the letter, Em talks about how he first came to know of Pac’s music and the obvious impact it had on his music career. Of course, this isn’t the first time Marshall has expressed his admiration of Pac, having written a letter to the late rapper’s mother after being allowed to produce one of his songs. In this latest tribute, Em writes:

“The school I come from growing up, we spent a lot of time studying rappers, everyone from N.W.A. to Public Enemy to Big Daddy Kane to Kool G Rap to Rakim to Special Ed, taking all these bits and piece from each one. Tupac was the first one to really help me learn how to make songs that felt like something.”

The mag had previously revealed Kendrick Lamar’s touching tribute to Eazy E and are also set to publish words by Swizz Beats for Notorious BIG, so stay tuned for that one. In the meantime, you can read Eminem’s full letter here.

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