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BYO Myki.

If you’re travelling along the 86 tram route on Sunday August 9, you might actually want to pay attention if you hear music playing loudly on it. This weekend, the first ever Tram Fest will be staged, in conjunction with La Trobe University’s Open Day, featuring four up-and-coming local artists playing live on the tram between Docklands and La Trobe’s Bundoora campus. Check out the artists and ‘set times’ (read: tram times) below.

Tram Fest, Sunday August 9
10.16am: Zech from Woodlock departing from Docklands
11.46am: Gena Rose Bruce departing from Bundoora
1.15pm: Chris Watts departing from Docklands
2.47pm: Josh Cashman departing from Bundoora

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