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The eternally cool Erykah Badu stopped by The Breakfast Club radio show to talk about her upcoming mixtape, being ‘best friends’ with all her exes, and, of course, her relationship with Drake.

Probably the most endearing part is when she opens up about her son with André 3000, Seven—who is “talented by default”, helping create her ‘Hotline Bling’ remix and has been a huge Drake fan since he was a kid. Ms Badu divulged the adorable story of her first meeting with Drizzy, after she asked him to pay a surprise visit to Seven’s school when he was in grade 6. Drake, being the generous Badu-loving person that he is, happily obliged and they’ve been buddies ever since. You can hear the story first-hand at about the 14-minute mark.

Badu’s got a tonne of stories, though, and some pretty badass one-liners including:

“I don’t remember, I smoked my whole memory away.”

“If you see me in a fight with a bear, help the bear. Pour honey on me.”

“[Missionary position] it’s the safest way… because it’s good for the organs.”

If you’ve got a spare half hour (or not, because it’s worth a watch anyway), check out the full interview above.

Weekly updates