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After a successful broadcast from Sugar Mountain in Melbourne, and a killer Steve Spacek show in Sydney, Boiler Room Australia is finally bringing the excitement across for Adelaide to enjoy. The forgotten middle child of Australian states will be copping their debut broadcast from the music channel, as well as the Boiler Room doing its first ever Australian label showcase.

The label in question, Untzz 12 Inch, was started up 2 years ago by a group of 5 like-minded friends – Babicka, HVCK, Mic Mills, Freddie Norwood and Arthur Miles – and is South Australia’s home to techno and house music. Since its conception, the label has seen success in their high quality limited release 180gram heavyweight vinyl cuts, providing us with local tunes from exciting emerging artists, including Francis Inferno Orchestra and Furious Frank.

Tune in on Friday April 17 to hear the aforementioned label mates spin tunes back-to-back in Radelaide’s debut Boiler Room Australia broadcast.

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