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Weekly updates

If you’re anything like me then planning for New Years Eve fills you with deep existential dread. Holiday pressure is at an all time high, and the reality is the night can never live up to your expectations. While you’re picturing yourself with your mates balling out in a penthouse overlooking the city as the clock strikes midnight, the reality is more along the lines of waiting three hours for a cab in some god-forsaken outer suburb that you travelled to on the vague promise of a house-party while your mate pukes in a gutter.

This is why I’ve made a solemn promise this year. I’m going to stay in, keep it chill, and then wild out at the Werribee Mansion for Let Them Eat Cake. LIFE HACK. The new years day festival kicks off its third year with a killer lineup featuring the likes of Husdon Mohawke, Cashmere Cat, Todd Terje, Goldie, and Mr. Carmack. Do yourself a favour and make it your 2015 resolution to ring in the new year the right way. Tickets available here.