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Event Recap: Inner Varnika 2017

Dusty, dirty, and extremely friendly

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The Easter long weekend meant only one thing for me and some 1700 others – Inner Varnika Music Festival. Set on some rocky farmland near Camperdown Victoria, the festival provided a weird, wild and extremely fun time. It’s the kind of festival where people are dressed in everything from full Kappa tracksuits to astronaut suits to complete business suits on the famous ‘Suit Sunday’. Inner Varnika provides an eclectic mash of genres to keep attendees from all different walks of life happy. Highlights from the weekend included the upbeat sounds of Collette, the all-embracing DJ Sprinkles, the organised chaos of D.Tiffany and the hypnotising Peter Van Hoesen. The weekend is dusty, dirty, and extremely friendly. It’s a special kind of festival where you stop to take in your surroundings while your friends are talking animatedly in your face about how the vibe is “atmospheric”. It’s the kind of festival you hear the sets described as anything from ‘slow pulsating rhythms’ to ‘fucking loose’. It’s definitely the kind of festival that sucks you in and makes sure you want to return. And if you’ll have me Inner Varnika, I’ll definitely be back.

  • Words & images: Katey Lusetic

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